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Challenges on the quality and access of open data in peripheral countries

28th TO 30th OF NOVEMBER OF 2018

UFF – Niterói, RJ


The submissions for the I LATMetrics – Altmetria and Open Science in latin America are officially open. The Colloquium will take place in the “Biomass Core” of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Niterói (RJ). The Colloquium will reunite researchers from several areas with the purpose of discussing the challenges of scientific circulation in latin american context. The usage of alternative metrics to measure the social impact of science and initiatives to promote open science will be some of the topics discussed during the meeting.

The Colloquium is open to graduate and post graduate students and researchers with academic productions that show the use of interfaces related to altimetria and open science studies. The interested in participating of the discussion groups and/or in the presentation of posters must send their expanded abstract until 07/30. The submission form will be available following this link.

  • Papers will be accepted according to the following axis:

  • Data coverage in Latin America

  • Open Science in Latin America

  • Alternative metrics (altmetrics) in Latin America

  • Circulation and scientific diffusion

  • Science and Society - public interactions with science

  • Public politics and scientific politics

  • Bibliometric studied and reviewing of scientific production

  • Founding processes in Science

  • Partnership building processes of international researches

  • Scientific production review

  • Arts and Humanities: review of the non-traditional research results

The list of the papers selected by the scientific committee of the Colloquium will be announced by 08/20. It is required that the registration will be done previously in order to guarantee the right of presenting the papers and publishing the expanded abstracts in the event annals.

The papers can be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

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