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Rio de Janeiro is the capital city of the State with the same name. There are other cities nearby the capital, forming the Fluminense metropolitan area. Niterói is a part of this region. Rio is one of the largest cities in Brazil. Its attractions range from museums to the famous sightseeing spots. These are located mainly in the South Side and the city centre and are can be visited in various schedules. Rio also has a famous night life, mainly at Lapa, a neighbourhood in Downtown area, and by the South Side.

Niteroi has the unmistakable vibe of a University City. It is much smaller than Rio but has many attractions. Its districts are really close from each other, which makes almost every place a walking distance. If you are looking for a varied nightlife but less agitated, to stay close to UFF and without spending too much to walk around, we suggest you to stay in Niterói.


Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro:

Hotel Novo Mundo

Praia do Flamengo, 20, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, CEP 22210030, Brasil

Hotel Novo Mundo is a partner of the event, so your reservations get a discount (at the time of booking, just mention the code: LATMETRICS). Daily for R$ 200 (Reais) in single room, with view to Sugar Loaf and breakfast included.



Where to stay in Niterói:

Tower Hotel
Avenida Almirante Ary Parreiras 12, Icarai, Niteroi, 24230-322.

The promotional values are R$ 180.00 (reais) per single standard room and R$ 200.00 (reais) for double. For more information, you must contact the email and identify yourself as a participant of the event.

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