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The Schedule of the Ist Latmetrics includes a complete day dedicated to the learning process of tools and techniques to researchers that aim to widen their work´s range. Check the programmed activities and subscribe!

9:00 – Coffee Break

9:30 – Welcoming ceremony

Laboratory 402 of A Block (Gragoatá Campus)

10:30 - Introduction to OJS 3.1 (with Diego Abadan)

The workshop is divided in two modules and aims to offer the participant an overview of the OJS platform in its practical use by scientific journals. The workshop will be held from 10am to 3pm. (Diego Abadan is a founding partner of Lepidus Tecnologia. Bachelor in Librarianship by Federal University of Santa Catarina  (UFSC). More than 17 years of experience as Network and Web Systems Administrator. Specialist in OJS, having participated in the planning, implementation and availability of the first Santa Catarina newspaper in this platform. Member of the team that created the Periódicos em Nuvens, solution that serves hundreds of magazines; provides OJS support, maintenance and consulting for more than 10 years. At the invitation of the IBICT, he participated as an OJS consultant at the 2nd SEER User Meeting.)

Room 1 (NAB)

10h – From founding to social impact: exploring the possibilities of research using “Dimensions” and “AltImetric” platforms

The workshop will introduce to the tools “Dimensions” and “AltImetric" that can help researchers to get a deepest understanding about the impact of scientific researches. Monitoring the development of the “founding” field until its wider final impact has been turning more and more difficult in the last few years, however, the understanding of this context is way more complex than simply staring to a sheet. Reading the data and constructing arguments is at the same time a kind of art and a kind of science. It requires qualitative and quantitative skills. The introduced platforms offer easy access to data that is hard to find, allowing sophisticated analysis.


11: 30- Statement of experience: using alternative metrics in Latin-American reality


12h – Data, metrics, research permissions and APIs

The presentation will analyze some technical issues that sustain the platforms “AltImetric” and “Dimensions” using terms strictly non-technical, adequate to the general understanding of the topic. A representative of “Digital Science”, that manages those tools, will discuss collaborative initiatives focused on the academic community and applied by the organization. There will also be introduced some technologies such as the processing of natural language and the automatic learning, that take part of the data pipeline of those tools, as well as the creation of strict APIs to support researchers and institutions.


12:30 – Lunch


13:30 – Workgroups: Practical uses of “Dimensions” and “AltImetric”

15h – Event´s conclusion


Room 2 (NAB)


10h – Scientific promotion on the screen: techniques and audiovisual resources

This workshop intends to offer different perspectives on the possibilities of use of audiovisual resources to scientific promotion. Through basic techniques, participants will learn how to displace researches from the paper to the video format using accessible and simple resources.


12:30 – Lunch


13:30 – Science in podcasts

The podcast format has gained a new strength in the recent years, and has revealed itself as a new tool for scientific promotion to researchers from all over the world. During this workshop, there will be introduced the main techniques and available tools to the recording of a podcast related to scientific work.


15h – Event´s conclusion

Important: We suggest to participants to bring their laptops to the event´s activities.

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