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Location: Núcleo de Estudos em Biomassa e Gerenciamento de Águas (NAB)


9h – Welcome to UFF

Scientific Photography Prize

Location: NAB Conference Room


9h30 – Opening conference: Linguistic barriers to access information

Livia Reis - Internationalization Panorama in UFF

Gilvan Muller – Linguistic Barriers to access information

Location: NAB Conference Room


10h15 – Coffee break


10h30 - Table: Challenges of public policies to promote Science and Technology in Latin America

Location: NAB Conference Room

Márcio Ramos Oliveira  - Coordinator of the Technological Training Program and Competitivity of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)                                                                       

Vitor Kappel – Analyst of projects in Funding of Projects and Studies (Finep)                                                   

Patrícia Bertin – Researcher of the Institutional Development Secretary of the Brazilian Agropecuarian Research Enterprise (Embrapa)                                                         

Wouter Schallier – Librarian Chief of Hernán Santa Cruz Library, from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL)

Mike Taylor - Head of Research Metrics of Digital Science  

12h30 - Lunch 


13h30 - Panel 1: Scientific policies and Open Government in Latin America 

Location: NAB Conference Room

Christian Alexander Martinez Guerrero – Scientific national politics in Latin America: an unequal mechanism.

Patrícia Nascimento Silva and Marta Macedo Kerr Pinheiro - DGABr: metrics for government open data 

Patrícia Rocha Bello Bertin and Juliana Meireles Fortaleza, Massayuki Franco Okawachi, Márcia de Oliveira Cardoso, Adriana Cristina da Silva and Debora Pignatari Drucker – The partnership to Open Government and the participative constructions of an strategy to develop Open Science in Brazil.

Génesis Morales Méndez – Journalistic Challenge: study of the access to public information in portals of the Venezuelan government.

Ivanilma de Oliveira Gama e Lidiane dos Santos Carvalho – Issues to create Open Access politics to brazilian universities

Daniele Cristina Dantas and Marcos Bezerra do Couto Cavalcanti – Theory and Analysis of the Network as a resource to research sponsoring with fiscal incentive: an analysis from the state incentive in Rio de Janeiro.

​​Panel 2: Science for Citizenship and life quality: Metrics and qualitative research to society.

Location: NAB room, 3rd floor

Vinícius Cruz Pinto – Mental Maps, qualitative metrics and social Technologies: a discussion about qualitative research methods with third-party workers of ENEL S.A.

Luciane Patricio – The constructions of a Work Victimization Research Methodology: how Science could collaborate with the workers life quality and the management of work conditions.

Andréia Soares Pinto – Work Victimization Research: identification and comprehension of risk social scenarios, associated to violence and insecurity, experienced by Enel/BR workers.

Ana Paula Mendes de Miranda and Jacqueline de Oliveira Muniz – Risk Perception Maps: the use of mixed methodologies to analyze social situations related to insecurity and violence in metropolitan cities of Rio de Janeiro (São Gonçalo and Duque de Caxias).

Lumárya Souza de Sousa – Overview of Citizenship Science in brazilian context: bibliometric and scientific indicators. 

Elton Mártires Pinto and Michelli Pereira da Costa – Scientific Promotion about HIV/AIDS prevention in Brazil, in citizenship Science context.


15h15      Coffee-break


15h30      Panel 3: Innovation, internationalization and cooperation for open data

Germana Fernandes Barata – To reach more relevant alternative metrics in Latin America

Eloísa Príncipe and Maria Simone de Menezes Alencar – Social innovation and scientific cooperation in Latin America

Bruna Lessa and Hildenise F. Novo; Ivana Lins – Research internationalization in Informational Sciences: an analysis of scientific papers co-authorship network.

João Guilherme Bastos dos Santos and Alessandra Aldé – Multidimensional networks analysis applied to co-authorship network, communication and bibliographic politics, examiners committees and bibliographic references.

Maria Elizabeth Pinto de Melo – Communication and Scientific Production: brazilian internationalization strategies.

Daniele Cristina Dantas and Ana Clécia Mesquita de Lima, Lívia Frazão de Castro – Opportunities for data coverage of cultural research in Latin America through the experience of Brazil Cultural Maps.

Josir Cardoso Gomes, Fábio Gouveia and Ricardo Medeiros Pimenta - Google Scholar as measuring source of scientific Portuguese-speaking production. 

29/11 - THURSDAY

Location: Núcleo de Estudos em Biomassa e Gerenciamento de Águas (NAB)


9h - Table: Open Science and democratization of scientific journals in Latin American Science

Location: NAB Conference Room                                             

Solange Santos – Coordinator of Production and Publishing and representative of SciELO network coordination 

Arianna Becerril – Executive Director of Redalyc Project (Network of Scientific Magazines in Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal).

Ivonne Lujano, Directory of Open Access Journals (video)

Patrícia de Almeida Silva – General Coordination of the Portal of Journals related to the Improvement Coordination of Superior Level personal  (CAPES)                                                                         

Sara Rouhi – Engagement Director, Advocacy, Altimetric and Dimensions in Digital Science 

Isabelle Reiss - Gerente de vendas para a América Latina da Clarivate Analytics        


10h15      Coffee break        


10h30      Panel 4: Alternative Metrics in Latin America

Location: NAB Conference Room

Iara Vidal Pereira de Souza and Fabio Castro Gouveia – Advantages of Open Access and brazilian publications: an altmetric study.                                                           

José Antônio Dias da Silva and Fabio Castro Gouveia – Brazilian Scientific Blogs and its coverage in

Ronaldo Ferreira de Araujo – Conversational issues of Twitter as a context for almetric studies.

Fabio Castro Gouveia – Altmetric studies in Brazil: an analysis of the 32 identified PhD graduated in Lattes-CNPq basis.

Rafael Barcelos – Confluences between altmetrics and scientific indicators: a study of Latin American authors in biomedicine and health fields.

Marcos Bezerra do Couto Cavalcanti and Daniele Cristina Dantas, Valéria Macedo, Rodrigo Duarte Guedes – Social Networks use in scientific promotion: a case study of the Ist International Symposium “Network Science” and IV Workshop “Big Data Brazil” using Network Theory.                                                     

12h     Posters Presentations  


12h30   Lunch                 


14h    Panel 5: Performance and Impact of Scientific Publications

Location: NAB Conference Room

Andrea Gonçalves do Nascimento – Reading counting in Mendeley as evidence of future quoting of brazilian articles in Social Sciences. 

Claudio França and Nanci Oddone – Promotion metrics, discovering and digital academic books evaluation in open Science.

Patrícia Pedri and Ronaldo Ferreira de Araújo – Pair revision (open): presence of Latin American examiners in Publons and characteristics of their revision.

Carolina Medeiros e Germana Barata – Social performance of medical magazines “The New England Journal of Medicine” and “The Lancet”, according to Altmetric

Juliana Fachin and Elisabete Werlang, Úrsula Blattmann, Ronaldo Ferreira de Araújo – Alternative and Traditional Impact in open access publication: the case of feminist studies magazine of UFSC journals portal.

Nathália Lima Romeiro and Melina de Brito Santos  - Memes as study object of Digital Humanities and Informational Science: a bibliometric approach through BRAPCI and LISA basis.

Marina Lemle and Fabio Castro Gouveia – From Social Network to scientific article: a study about a journal of history of Science on the Internet 


15h45      Coffee-break


16h   Closure Ceremony: Impact of Open Access in Latin America

Dr. Juan Pablo Alperin - Simon Fraser University (Canada)                                                                                

Dra. Sarita Albagli – Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT).                      

Mediation: Thaiane Oliveira                                                                                       

30/11 - FRIDAY


Workshops (check the full schedule)

15:30 - 17h

Closure meeting to scientific commitee members

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