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Thaiane Oliveira
Thaiane Oliveira coordinates Ist LATmetrics – Altmetrics and Open Science in Latin America and also the Forum of Journals and Scientific Communication of Research Pro-Rectory, Post-Graduate and Innovation of Federal Fluminense University (Foco/Proppi-UFF), acting in the development of strategies to increase the impact and visibility of scientific journals. She is also coordinator of the Research in Science, Innovation, Technology and Education Laboratory, in which the researcher develops works related to metrics and alternative and responsible indicators, democratization of the knowledge and scientific communication in digital media. She has a PhD in Communication and acts as professor of the Post-Graduate Program in Communication in Universidade Federal Fluminense.




Gilvan Müller de Oliveira

Graduated in Linguistic by State University of Campinas in 1985. Concluded his master in Theoretical Linguistics, Philosophy and History in Konstanz University, Germany, in 1990, supervised by Peter Auer. Concluded his PhD in Linguistics also in State University of Campinas in 2004, supervised by Ataliba Castilho, and did his first postdoctoral stay in Autonomic Metropolitan University Iztapalapa, México, along with Rainer Enrique Hamel. He did his second postdoctoral in December of 2018 in Hyderabad University, India, and in Russian State University, Moscow, Russian Federation. Since 2010 until 2010 he coordinated the Research Institute of Development and Linguistic Politics (IPOL), in Florianópolis, and, between 2010 and 2014, responded by the Executive Direction of the International Institute of Portuguese Language (IILP), of the Portuguese Language Countries Community (CPLP), located in Cape Verde. In 2014 he received the Prize to the Portuguese-Speaking Personality of the year by the International Portuguese-Speaking Movement (MIL) and in 2015 received Meendinho Prize, by Meendinho Foundation regarding the services offered to Galicia´s Portuguese Language. He is currently associated professor in Santa Catarina´s Federal University and Intern Executive Secretary of MAAYA – Multilinguals’ World Network, with head-office in Paris. Since 2017 is a Corresponding Member of Galician Portuguese Language Academy (AGLP) and during the period of 2017-2019 coordinates the Linguistic Politics Program of the Education for Integration Center (NEPI) of the Association of Universities of Montevideo´s Group (AUGM). He coordinates as well the UNESCO Chair in Linguistic Politics to Multilinguals (2018-22), which involves 22 universities in 13 countries and works with researches related to multilinguals diverse manifestations.


Márcio Ramos de Oliveira
Graduated in Physics. Has a PhD in AStrophysics by UFRGS, and also a postdoctoral stay in Paris Observatory. He has exprience in areas such as extragalactic astronomy, N-bodies simulation and parallel programming. Since 2004 acts in the area of science management, technology and innovation along with the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development, having coordinated the Engineering area, Technological Training and the Program “Science without Borders” in that institution.  Since 2013 to 2016, he worked in several projects related to metrology, technology and innovation in Inmetro. Since 2017, he coordinates the Technological Training Area of CNPq.



Vitor Kappel.jpg

Vitor Dias Kappel

Graduated in Engineering of Production by the State University of Rio de Janeiro (2009) and is experienced in the area. Currently acts as analyst of projects by the Founding of Projects and Studies (Finep). He has significant experience in the construction of an innovation network in Brazilian Innovation State Systems; construction and application of investments politics in Parks and incubators; construction of partnerships with local actors in the Innovation Ecosystem (Banks and Research State Institutes) to promote investments in innovation; analysis and monitoring of P&D projects in the Engineering, creative Industry, 4.0 Industry, Biotechnology sectors; articulation and monitoring of concession and credit programs with Brazilian partners (PAPPE e TECNOVA - Similar to North-American SBIR); and also analysis of cinematographic projects supported by the Audiovisual Founding Sector (ANCINE).  



Patrícia de Almeida Silva
Patrícia de Almeida Silva, Graduated in Accountability Sciences and Specialist in Public Advocacy by the Universitary Centre in Brasília. Employee of the Personal Improvement Coordination of Level Superior (CAPES). Since 2018 works in the Journals Portal, linked to the Programs and Scholarships Direction in the country. Initially acted as chief of the Division of Contracts of electronic content, available in: and, since April of 2018 assumed the General Coordination of the Journals Portal.  



Foto Patricia Bertin.jpg

Patrícia Bertin

Biologist and PhD in Information Management by Loughborough University, UK (2014). Researcher of the Brazilian Agropecuarian Research Enterprise (Embrapa) since 2002, having acted as co-editor of the “Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira” magazine ( and also as assistant manager of Organization and Promotion of the Information in Embrapa Technological Information. Her main research interest is related to the incorporation of foundations and premises of systemism to corporative strategies of data management, knowledge and information, and also to topics such as Open Science, scientific information management and research data management. Currently is Supervisor of the Governance of Information and Transparency of the Secretary of Institutional Development of Embrapa, professor and coordinator of the Brazilian Open Science commitment in the IV National Action Program in Open Government (

Solange-Santos (1).jpg

Solange Santos
PhD and master in Informational Sciences by São Paulo University, graduated in Biblioteconomy by ECA-USP. Experienced in the area of Informational Sciences, with emphasis in scientific communication, scientific magazines, open access, scientific production, bibliometric indicators and university rankings. Since 2002 is member of the Collegiate of Management of SciELO program, in which acts as coordinator of production and publication and is a representative of the coordination of SciELO network. He developed a part of his PhD in Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, where studied bibliometric methods to analyze the performance of Brazilian universities in the rankings of international universities. Member of the Brazilian Ranking Research Network, Index, Qualifying Index and Tables in Superior Education (RANKINTACS Network) and of the National Research Association and Post-Graduation in Informational Sciences (ANCIB).  


Sara .jpg

Sara Rouhi
Director of Engagement and Advocacy to Dimensions and Altmetric in Digital Science. Deals with education, promotion and business development in the United States, Canada and Latin America to the new Platform “Dimensions of Digital Science” and to the alternative metrics enterprise of Digital Science, the Altmetric, she created, commercially, the platform Altmetric Explorer for Institutions in North America since 2014 and is currently doing the same work with “Dimensions” since its launching in January of 2018. Active in professional associations in the medical and academic publication sphere and speaks frequently about free access, metrics and academic publications. Follow her on Twitter @RouhiRoo.



Isabelle Reiss

Bacharel in Mathematics by the University of Caen, in France, and Master in Business Management, she started to work in the editorial industry STM in 1990 to Springer Verlag where she remained until 2010.  Currently, she occupies the position of Key Account Manager of the Scientific and Scholarly Research of Thomson Reuters in Latin America, where she specialized as interpreter of bibliometric indicators.


Juan Pablo Alperin

Juan Pablo Alperin is Associated Diretor Associado of Research to the Public Knowledge Project. He is also professor assistant in the School of Publishing of the Simon Fraser University, where also co-directs the Scholarly Communications Lab. He is a multidisciplinary scholar, with specialization in Computational Sciences (BMath, Waterloo University), Social Sciences (MA Geography, Waterloo University) and Education (PhD, Stanford University), that believes that research, specially when provided for free, has the potential of contributing directly to society. Learn more about his work with ScholCommLab and follow him in Twitter as @juancommander.


Sarita Albagli

Researcher of the Brazilian Institute of Information in Sciences and Technology (IBICT). Professor of the Post-Graduation Program in Informational Sciences – PPGCI/IBICT-UFRJ. Researcher 1C of CNPq. Develops and coordinates studies and researches in open Science, innovation for citizenship, local and sustainable development. Acts as professor in post-graduation level in Informational Sciences and related areas.


Wouter Schallier
Chief Librarian of the Library “Hernán Santa Cruz”, of the Economic Commission to Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL).

Lívia Reis.jpg

Livia Maria de Freitas Reis Teixeira

Graduated in Literature by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1976), master in Neolatin Letters by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1984), PhD in Letters (Spanish Language and Hispanic-American Literature) by the University of São Paulo (1997). Titular Professor of the Federal Fluminense University, scholarship of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development. She was member of the Examiners Commission of the superior level personal coordination ( CAPES) and consultant of ENADE- National Exam of Students Performance. Has experience in the area of Letters, with emphasis in Hispanic-American and Compared Literature. In the last years she has been working with the following topics: Latin American essays, witness literature, literary and cultural relationships in Latin America. She was also director of the Institute of Letters of UFF between 203 and 2010. Since 2010 coordinates de course of Distance-Learning Letters (CEDERJ, UAB). Since 2010 she assumed the superintendence of International Relationships in the same university. Since this new challenge started, she started to develop a new area in her academic life, writing texts, participating in congresses and meetings of the international cooperation area and of the Internationalization processes of the Brazilian universities. She is responsible for the area of delas and students and teachers mobility in UFF.  She also coordinates the course of foreign languages to students of the same university, PULE. Was coordinator of the no longer existent “Science without Borders” Program.

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